About Us

Founded in 2011, Second Layer was created with the purpose of creating a seamless experience between social networks and website content, allowing for real-time conversations online. Located in San Francisco, the Second Layer team is always striving to create a product that evolves how people use the web today.

Meet the Team


Shane Jordan  /  Co-Founder

Shane has a unique background in Social Marketing Strategy and Business Development, and has personally managed clients such as IAC, Netflix, RockYou, Facebook, Friendster, and Meebo.


Nathan Ross  /  Co-Founder

With a deep understanding of User Interaction and a love for new technology, Nathan always strives to create better tools for real people to use online, with the goal of creating a better internet.


Cas Lemmens  /  Co-Founder

Hailing from Belgium with a Creative Technologist background, Cas’ greatest joy in life is researching new trends in technology and exploring how to use them in making innovative products.



Rhett McNulty

President of Branded Research, Rhett advises in market strategy and business development. Rhett has helped several successful startups such as The America’s Card, ShopIt and Shopping.com.


Chris Pavlovski

CEO of JMG, Chris advises in syndication strategies and product development. He's worked with companies such as Virgin Mobile, Universal, Coors and Red Bull, generating millions in annual sales.


Durand Bunker

Tax Manager at Deloitte Tax LLP, Durand advises in financial and tax related matters, Durand has a strong record in consulting tax technical, information technology and management areas.