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The doc editor that gives you
visual superpowers

Organize and share your thoughts visually. Napkins are easy to create and even easier to understand.

Be drafty and our AI will be crafty to make it pretty. Unblock collaboration by sharing napkins that your team will actually want to read.

We packed Napkin with AI and UX innovations to give you visual superpowers.

Napkin’s Ai is your visual copilot

Express yourself with Icons and drawings

Go from abstract concepts to visuals at lightning speed.

Spark helps you find the perfect visual using the context around it.

Charts and Diagrams

You need the “pizza chart”? Spark knows what you mean and helps you at every slice of the way.

Good docs tell a story.
Recordings are your best friends.

Napkin makes video recording as easy as typing.

  • It's inline, right next to your content.
  • It's short, limited to 60 secs.
  • It's automatically animated.

... and editing video as easy as editing text.

We remove the stress of performing in front of a camera by making editing and re-recording super easy.

You can clean out hmmm’s and ahhh’s in one click. Remove extra words by just deleting them from transcribed text to make your story short and crisp.